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The Premier Network Source of Truth

NetBox is the leading solution for modeling and documenting modern networks. By combining the traditional disciplines of IP address management (IPAM) and datacenter infrastructure management (DCIM) with powerful APIs and extensions, NetBox provides the ideal "source of truth" to power network automation. Read on to discover why thousands of organizations worldwide put NetBox at the heart of their infrastructure.

NetBox UI

Built for Networks

Unlike general-purpose CMDBs, NetBox has curated a data model which caters specifically to the needs of network engineers and operators. It delivers a wide assortment of object types carefully crafted to best serve the needs of infrastructure design and documentation. These cover all facets of network technology, from IP address managements to cabling to overlays and more:

  • Hierarchical regions, sites, and locations
  • Racks, devices, and device components
  • Cables and wireless connections
  • Power distribution tracking
  • Data circuits and providers
  • Virtual machines and clusters
  • IP prefixes, ranges, and addresses
  • VRFs and route targets
  • FHRP groups (VRRP, HSRP, etc.)
  • AS numbers
  • VLANs and scoped VLAN groups
  • L2VPN overlays
  • Tenancy assignments
  • Contact management

Customizable & Extensible

In addition to its expansive and robust data model, NetBox offers myriad mechanisms through which it can be customized and extended. Its powerful plugins architecture enables users to extend the application to meet their needs with minimal development effort.

  • Custom fields
  • Custom model validation
  • Export templates
  • Event rules
  • Plugins
  • REST & GraphQL APIs

Always Open

Because NetBox is an open source application licensed under Apache 2, its entire code base is completely accessible to the end user, and there's never a risk of vendor lock-in. Additionally, NetBox development is an entirely public, community-driven process to which everyone can provide input.

NetBox Development

Interested in contributing to NetBox? Check out our GitHub repository to get started!

Powered by Python

NetBox is built on the enormously popular Django framework for the Python programming language, already a favorite among network engineers. Users can leverage their existing skills coding Python tools to extend NetBox's already vast functionality via custom scripts and plugins.

Getting Started